The Impact of Divorce:

DivorceThe Impact of Divorce: There is Help to Move Forward

Ending a long term relationship (whether legally married or not) can be devastating. Whether you were the one petitioning for divorce, or were suddenly thrust into singlehood by no choice of your own, the emotional impact of divorce can be one of the most difficult things a person can encounter in life. Not only does divorce or relationship termination cost individuals from a financial standpoint, it also affects business. Some studies suggest that relationship-related stress costs employers about $300 billion annually. It is thought to affect an employee’s productivity and workplace effectiveness for 3-5 years.* In addition to the financial upset one experiences after a relationship ends, the emotional impact can be staggering. Many are surprised to find that going through a divorce involves a complicated grieving process, similar to the death of a loved one, with overlapping stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

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RehabOne is Proud to Announce……..

Dr Kroopf.M.DRehabOne is Proud to Announce our newest clinicians to join our TEAM!!.

Dr. Lisa Kroopf is a native of Monterey County who is board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and recently completed her fellowship training in Pain Management at Loma Linda University Medical Center.  Dr. Kroopf specializes in treating chronic neck and low back pain with interventional procedures such as epidural injections, facet injections, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation and spinal cord stimulators. She also treats a variety of musculoskeletal and neurologic pain conditions including myofascial pain syndromes, CRPS, fibromyalgia, headaches,joint disorders and peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Kroopf’s training is deeply rooted in a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach.  Dr. Kroopf is fluent in Spanish and will be treating patients in our Salinas office.

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Working with First Responders

Salinas - New Office SpaceThe work of first responders can be risky and at times, difficult. They are expected to function well in situations that most people would find overwhelming, and to do so repeatedly, and consistently. When they suffer injury, either to their psyche or to their bodies, it is critical for health providers to develop an understanding of the sub-culture unique to different kinds of first responders (firefighters vs. EMTs vs. cops).

How to work effectively with first responders is a topic that could take up volumes. Briefly, however, there are a number of things common to most first responders to keep in mind:

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RehabOne Rehabilitation Programs now OPEN in SAN JOSE!

Jackson.180We are proud to announce that our clinically-proven programs are now available in our San Jose offices!  Dr. Allen Kaisler-Meza (San Jose Programs Medical Director) will work closely  with Rogelio Mena (Exercise Specialist) to deliver excellent care.  Both clinicians offer over 30 years of combined  experience, are bilingual in Spanish/English and are culturally sensitive to the needs of each individual patient.

Services offered in San Jose include Active Therapy and Functional Restoration Programs, for Spine & Extremity Injuries.  RehabOne Programs differ from traditional physical therapy in that they focus on empowering patients to manage their own pain and regain control over their lives.

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Vitamin D: Do You Know How Valuable It Is To Your Overall Health?

Woman WalkingVitamin D treatment can decrease knee osteoarthritis pain!

In a recent study, 107 knee OA patients with vitamin D deficiency (25-hydroxy-vitamin D ≤ 20 ng/ml) were randomized to receive oral vitamin D or placebo. Results at 12 months showed a statistically significant clinical benefit to vitamin D treatment in patients with knee OA in terms of decrease pain and improve function!

You can improve your vitamin D level naturally by getting enough sun exposure. Living in Northern California, where we are far enough from the equator, the sun intensity is not so strong. So, you can probably get more sun than you think!  Just don’t get sunburned!

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