RehabOne Medical Group Now Offers Acupuncture!

Dr. Richard Esquivel has over 10 years of experience treating a wide range of pain conditions with acupuncture in his private practice and over 5 years experience treating work injuries in an occupational medicine setting. He has a Doctorate of Oriental Medicine degree from South Baylo University and is a Diplomate of the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics.

February Newsletter

SpineOne Welcomes New Colleagues

Janet E. Kraemer, Ph.D. has been practicing in the fields of clinical and health psychology for over 16 years. Marcela Molina-Uribes, LMFT, is the bilingual (Spanish/English) psychotherapist at SpineOne working under the leadership and supervision of Dr. Kraemer.

January Newsletter

Patient Care and Social Media

Last month we touched on the influence of social media on healthcare. With the growing popularity of social media and technology information, an important issue for us to ponder, involves possible issues with patients having online access to healthcare information.

In the “internet age,” patients have easy access to on-line medical information and also receive a barrage of advertising from pharmaceutical and healthcare-related businesses. This can create several challenges that may undermine the patient-physician relationship if the patient becomes the facilitator, promoter, and director of their treatment based on misinformation provided by family, friends, the media and the internet.

December Newsletter

Social Media in Healthcare?

Social Media has become an integral way of life for the general population with the rising popularity of Facebook, Twitter, personal web pages, blogs and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. As healthcare providers, we are pressured to “get with the times.”

November Newsletter

Nutrition and Chronic Pain

Today, most Americans consume more calories than they actually need. Many of the foods they choose are also high in unfavorable ingredients, such as saturated fats, sugar and salt. A diet high in calories and concentrated fats not only makes us more prone to obesity, but may actually increase the intensity of chronic pain.

October Newsletter