Assessing the Functional Capacity Assessment

Attorneys are asking California treating and medical legal physician evaluators to consider an injured workers functional status including loss of capacity and return to work ability. Many systems exist and some are either too complicated, difficult to interpret or unscientific.

September Newsletter


Proud to Announce the Opening of our Newest Office

RehabOne Medical Group is proud to announce the opening of our newest office at 836 S. Main Street in Salinas, CA, in September!  Services will include physical medicine consultation and treatment, as well as outpatient musculoskeletal rehabilitation programs.  We are currently accepting referrals and look forward to working with your patients & clients.  If you would like to make a referral, please fax patient/client demographics and insurance information to 408-445-0875.


August Newsletter


The Connection Between Chronic Pain & Depression

Pain is a personal experience and living with pain everyday is hard. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable, to feel tense, and to find yourself distracted from day to day chores by the pain. Living in a chronic state of tension can be exhausting in and of itself. Not sleeping, having constant pain and being irritable impacts others in your life—at work, in the family or even with friends. Your role within the family also changes and for some, the shift from being the family provider to ‘disabled’ family member has a significant impact on one’s self-esteem and self-worth. For some, worrying about finances becomes an everyday struggle.

Chronic stress from pain interferes with sleep, which in turn makes you more irritable and tense.  As you live with pain, it is very normal for you to go through different emotional stages in your recovery process. These stages may include—denial, anger, frustration, depression.

July Newsletter


5th Annual Scientific Forum

RehabOne Medical Group proudly presents our 5th Annual Scientific Forum, which will be held on Thursday September 20that Maggiano’s Restaurant, in San Jose. Our theme for the evening is “Scientific Update – Treatment Options for Chronic Discogenic Low Back Pain”.  Our keynote speaker is Dr. Jason Lifshutz, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Stanford Neurosurgery Department.  We will also be hosting a panel which will allow for a very interactive question and answer session.  Our panelists include Dr. Conor O’Neill, Dr. Sunita Jayakar and Brian Williamson, PT.  For reservations, please e-mail or call Erin Parks at 408-839-9898,

June Newsletter


Integrative Care: A Novel Approach to Functional Restoration


Functional restoration programs (FRPs) have existed for decades. Historically, such programs were considered as a last resort after patients had failed conventional medical and/or surgical treatment. Fortunately, national and international evidenced-based guidelines support participation in FRPs when lower levels of treatment have not yielded good outcomes, when barriers to improvement with standard treatment have been identified, and when the patient is motivated to participate.  This guideline support has resulted in earlier referrals to such programs, which in turn has lead to better outcomes.

May Newsletter