Social Media in Healthcare?

Social Media has become an integral way of life for the general population with the rising popularity of Facebook, Twitter, personal web pages, blogs and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. As healthcare providers, we are pressured to “get with the times.”

November Newsletter


Nutrition and Chronic Pain

Today, most Americans consume more calories than they actually need. Many of the foods they choose are also high in unfavorable ingredients, such as saturated fats, sugar and salt. A diet high in calories and concentrated fats not only makes us more prone to obesity, but may actually increase the intensity of chronic pain.

October Newsletter


Improving Sleep for Clients with Pain

Sleep disturbance is one of the most common complaints for people living with chronic pain. A national Sleep Foundation study found that two thirds of respondents living with chronic pain reported difficulty sleeping. In the case of severe, unremitting chronic pain that has a sustained and negative impact on function and lifestyle, those numbers are likely even higher.

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Dr. Kaisler-Meza is Now in Gilroy!

RehabOne is very pleased to announce that Dr. Allen Kaisler-Meza is now available to evaluate and treat patients in our San Jose and Gilroy office locations. Dr. Kaisler-Meza is fluent in Spanish and is looking forward to providing quality medical services to the South County. We are now accepting appointments at both office locations.

Dr. Meza – Locations


The Cloud Comes to RehabOne

RehabOne is now utilizing Cloud Based Computing. We are excited to offer our clinicians the ability to access all their computing needs from any location! Better for RehabOne clinicians and better for patient interactions!