Interventional Procedures

Dr Kroopf.M.DDr. Lisa Ramirez Kroopf is Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Medicine. She completed her training at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She has been in private practice since 2014.

Dr. Kroopf performs procedures in both the office and at the Salinas Surgery Center – 955 A Blanco Circle, Salinas, 93901.

Pain procedures include:

• Epidural Steroid Injections (cervical, lumbar & caudal)

• Facet Blocks (cervical & lumbar)

• Radiofrequency Neurotomy (neck and back)

• Spinal column stimulator (failed back syndrome, radiculopathy, CRPS, neuropathy)

• Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulator

• Occipital Nerve Blocks (headaches)

• Suprascapular Nerve Blocks (shoulder)

• Genicular Nerve Blocks (knee)

• Trigger point and joint injections


Several pain conditions treated:

• Spine pain (neck and back)

• Musculoskeletal pain conditions (hips, shoulders, knees)

• Failed back surgery syndrome

• Sacroiliac joint pain

• Myofascial pain syndrome (muscular pain)

• Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

• Osteoarthritis (joint pain)

• Peripheral neuropathy

• Chest wall pain

• Post hernia surgery pain

• Pelvic pain

• Post herpetic neuralgia

• Other neuraligias


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