Janet Kraemer, Ph.D. QME

About Dr. Kraemer

Dr. Janet Kraemer has been practicing in the fields of clinical and health psychology for over 25 years. She received her Master and Doctoral Degrees at Alliant University in Clinical Psychology with a proficiency in Health Psychology and completed her Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. She has consulted on three Inpatient Rehabilitation Units for patients suffering from stroke, head injury, or other disabling conditions. Dr. Kraemer was honored by the Southern California Cancer Pain Initiative for her work in treating cancer-related pain. She has been practicing in Santa Clara County since 2006 with a focus in chronic pain and is available to perform medical-legal evaluations.

Dr. Kraemer evaluates patients at our Los Gatos, San Jose, Gilroy and Salinas facilities and can perform Medical Legal evaluations, as well as give expert testimony on the psychological aspects of pain, head injury and trauma.